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Hello i'm Corrupt_W and i'm going to share my strategy. I've reached day 1800+ with it. Warning : This strategy is hard to understand and is a bit weird for most people since it's almost the opposite of what you are supposed to do. This is a variation on the 4th strategy in The How to play Guide, So the Same Warning applies to here, if you want to use this strategy then use it as a challenge rather than a way to play if you don't push to higher waves. This strategy was made to make you survive a few more hundreds days than the average player on the leaderboard.


The first few days : First of all i highly recommand to do the tutorial for extra crystals, i've compared the amount of crystals after the tutorial at day 2 and without the tutorial at day 2 and the save with the tutorial had more crystals. Also Check if there are crystal ores near the center (where you need to build your base), if there are not a lot of crystals mines then restart, if you don't then it will slow down a bit the crystal gain in early days. Just Upgrade your base only and crystals mines, put only level 1 transporters, by the way it is impossible to die on easy before day 4 so you don't need to build up defenses very early as this will just slow down the upgrades a lot. Upgrade mining on the skill tree only.

At Day 10 there will be a boss but you don't need to worry too much. if you followed my tips then you should be level 6-7 if you don't do it badly, which is alone enough to kill the boss. the issue is that you will get almost no crystals from it because of your higher level base. Upgrade the 5 skill point mining thing (remember if you have enough crystals ores near you then you don't need to expand and you don't need to rebuild much transporters you should just upgrade them a bit

At Day 13 and above (those tips apply to when the zombies will start to be stronger), the zombies will increase in power and this happens every 13-14 days (13,27,40,53,67 etc). Your base should be at level 8 if you followed the tips which is still enough to kill the zombies and your base shouldn't take too much damage, if it takes more than 2/3 or 3/4 of its health then you should actually start to build defenses. but remember that you can just restart the day if you have done something wrong or/and upgrade a bit more. (for example if you started building defenses because your base took too much damage and you upgraded them too much/not enough)

If you think that you are late (it's strict because it's hard to push trough waves past 1200 if you are below this but it's not that harmful if you are just slightly below this) then check if your base is at least

Level 10 at day 20-25 Level 11 at day 30 Level 12 at day 35-40 Level 13 at day 45-50 Level 14 at day 60 Level 15 at day 70 Level 17 at day 100 Level 20 at day 165 Level 21 at day 210 Level 23 at day 320 Level 24 at day 400 Level 25 at day 500 Level 26 at day 666 Level 27 at day 920 (if you reach level 28 then it should be around day 1400 but you can do lower) It's impossible to reach level 29 and 30

Now that you reached the easy parts (past day 200) you should mainly do something else while waiting, with the game running in the background, avoid sleeping and check sometimes if nothing is wrong. (except if you just choose to max out level 27 around day 900 since you have to do it no matter what you do) upgrade your defenses and walls to the next tier when your walls start to get destroyed just keep doing this until day 1200-1300 (when walls start to break) before that only use arrows because they are the cheapest towers and the towers that deal the highest damage on higher levels to a single target.

After day 1300 you should build more defenses at spots where more walls are destroyed and balance the defenses in general, should should only use arrows and cannons in late game and very late game as lightning towers makes you lag a lot and they doesn't do much damage.

That's all for today. i will add more in the future