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Enemies in YORG.io are hostile entities that will attack the players. They mostly consist of zombies and they will attack at night.


Dread Lords

Slow biggest of all our enemies and deadly this enemy seems made to tank our hits. It is very rare and is often times accompanied of few escorts.


Most numerous of our enemies they can easily be killed and pose n o real threat except in numbers.


Fast and agile, these enemies have the lowest health but have the habit of exploding outside our walls. If the explosions weren't so big they affected buildings beyond the wall too then we would have been grateful.


No other types of enemies have been found on this hell that dares call itself a planet. Our leading theory is that the original population of this world is long dead and the zombies are the only thing left of this once great civilization. Some question this theory because if that's so then why are their numbers always increasing?