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This page will serve as a basic How to play guide for YORG.io. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[]

  1. Build Buildings;
  2. Collect Resources;
  3. Defeat your Enemies;
  4. Survive for as long as you can;


  1. B: Builds base
  2. T: Builds Crystal Mine
  3. N: upgrade building
  4. Shift + N upgrades all buildings of the same type and tier to the next one.
  5. WASD/↑↓→←/MOUSE : Movement
  6. Q: Fast Forward
  7. Space: Pause ye ye
  8. E: Build Walls, Keep pressing E and move cursor while clicking and you can build them faster.
  9. F: Build transporter(always keep them connected).
  10. Y: Build Iron Mine
  11. U: Build Cannon Ball factory
  12. I: Build Cannon tower
  13. O: Build Harvester.
  14. P: Build Steel factory.
  15. G: Build Sawmill.
  16. H: Build Arrow factory.
  17. J: build Arrow tower.
  18. K: Build Uranium Mine.
  19. L: Build Nuclear Reactor
  20. C: Build Lightning Tower.
  21. V: Build Shield Tower.
  22. 1: Shows utilization View. How well your factories are doing and if they are producing everything as efficiently as possible (green is good red is bad)
  23. 2: View transport Network mode. Shows transports and how they are connected.
  24. 3: Tower range view mode (press again to disable)
  25. M: Show detailed minimap.

Tips and tricks[]

  1. Prioritize upgrading your base and crystal mines over anything else.
  2. Do not build anything else than transporters and crystals mines before day 27 but if you use this strategy then keep your transporters at a very low level (so low that the cost to upgrade them is barely noticable)
  3. You MUST place your base in the center of the map as zombies in a corner/edge base will attack only one place and it's not good after day 1000
  4. Do NOT overextend, you will find it difficult to defend and repair your base if it's too big.
  5. DO not underestimate Screamers (zombies that explode) they have a range of 8-9 and are deadly.
  6. Distribute your turrets so that you have Lightning Towers everywhere.
  7. The previous applies to all turrets.
  8. Use your skill points wisely, look ahead don't just spend them randomly. The best idea is to buy crystals mines or factory points. You should get the skill that allows zombies to walk over the transporters at day 10. The factory points really help to provide resources for your defense towers.
  9. Only upgrade buildings other than crystal mines and base only if you really need it (if you upgrade your defenses when your base is alredy strong enough it will just be a waste of crystals
  10. It does not matter how awesome your base looks, if it struggles against waves before wave 75 then you did it wrong.
  11. Always keep some Walls in reserve, T1 (tier 1) walls are surprisingly effective at slowing down masses of Fodder and Screamers so that your cannons can kill them with their AOE attacks.
  12. Dread Lords always come to the least defended side, use this to your advantage.
  13. Dread Lords give a lot of crystals;
  14. You have to build in an area with lots of iron and crystal ores because they are the most important things to help you survive.


  1. Corner-capping. Designed to be extremely cost-effective and reliable. Corner-capping is a twofold strategy: cover large area, and place walls only at the corners of your base. An easy way to visualize corner-capping is to imagine what the base would look like if walls surrounded every surface, then to only imagine the corners on that surface. I.e., if the base is shaped like a square, then only put walls on the four corners. Pros: Cost-effective. Rations walls. Levels up your base quickly in the pregame. Cons: Very difficult to reach high levels without placing walls around every surface. Very difficult to reach high levels due to a large base volume.
  2. Turtle UP. Standard strategy for most with many variations. The basic strategy consists on mainly choosing a small area of the map with 4 crystals, settling in and placing your factories near the base, several rows of walls will protect your base and ideally only your turrets will be near the walls while your mines will be behind them. Pros: easily adaptable to the situation, average leveling early game this strategy shines in mid game (wave 50-70), most your turrets have overlapping fields of fire, which means that if one turret remains without ammo others can pick the slack Cons: Very resource intensive and if you run out of resources mid-wave then you will suffer catastrophic losses which unless you have crystals to spare.
  3. Core and spines (inside out base). This strategy involves taking advantage of zombie paths and focusing all of your defense around your base; distributing your mines and factories far away in small groups. Your early game goal will consist of using AOA attacks and bringing the zombies close enough for all of your cannons to reach while your resources are mostly undisturbed. Keep your core defended with a tight grouping of walls and cannons pushed back from it shooting in. Zombies path find with some amount of randomness but all will run towards your base ignoring structures they pass that aren't in their way (or close enough for a passing short range attack). To transition to the late-game we need to reverse the strategy from funneling zombies to spreading them out over a large area. Start constructing walls with defenses at the very edge of the map. These walls also serve to protect large lanes of the map from the enemy where you're free to build. Construct these walls over more of the edge until you've encircled the entire map--you're now in the late game. In late-game, you'll find that zombies skate along an area of each side. Soon lightning towers will be the only effective way to deal with them. Purchase resource teleportation and keep your shields and wall health high.
    Day 99 Level 18 by Corrupt W on July 1st 2021.png
    4. Nothing Strategy. Well it's just putting almost no defenses/only what you need to survive. WARNING : ONLY USE THIS STRATEGY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Pros : You get a lot of crystals very easily and very early if you manage it well enough, The first Sub-100-days level 18 has been done by Corrupt_W using this strategy (Level 18 at day 99) now 4 people have managed to do this. Cons : It's very easy to die and it's hard to manage it well to get an very high crystal gain. You also need to know how strong the zombies are, and how strong your defenses are. This strategy is made out to survive a very long time. The average save can survive 1200 days or a bit lower, while with this strategy, if you manage it well you can get above day 1500. (Only 3 people had getten over day 1500, so unless you are very good at the game, don't waste time)

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