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Resources are the items in YORG.io that can : be utilized for the production of more resources, be used as in-game credit and function as ammunition for various Buildings. They are of two types.

Raw Resources[]

Raw resource ores are distributed all over the map. (Only the resources in the middle are the same every time! Everything around is randomly generated.) Most of them are used in the manufacturing of processed resources in factories.



These are mined from Crystal orbs (see pic) by Crystal Mine.

Crystals function as in-game credit, and can be used to upgrade or buy buildings. However, they need to be transported to the Base to do so. Also they can upgrade buildings.



This is mined from Iron ore deposits (see pic) by Iron mine.

Iron is used in the manufacturing of cannonballs in the Cannon Ball Factory and steel in the Steel Factory. Needed to create cannonballs for the cannon and steel to create arrows for the arrow tower.



This is harvested from Forests (see pic) by Harvester.

Wood is used in the manufacturing of Tree Trunks in the Sawmill, which are used to make Arrows in the Arrow Factory. Also raw wood is used in the Steel Factory, which is used to make the arrow heads in the Arrow Factory. Without wood, arrows cannot be made, hence decommissioning arrow towers.


Uraniumore.png This is extracted from Uranium ore deposits (see pic) by Uranium Mine.

Uranium is used in the manufacturing of Nuclear Power in the Nuclear Reactor and Shields in the Shield Tower. This is needed to increase security in walls and to provide ammunition for the Lightning Tower.

Processed Resources[]

The resources produced in the factories.

Tree Trunks[]

Produced by the Sawmill using unprocessed wood, also known as Arrow Shafts. Used in the Steel Factory for the production of steel and in Arrow Factory for the production of arrows.

Nuclear Power[]

Produced by the Nuclear Reactor by using uranium. Functions as ammunition for Lightning tower.


An metallic alloy manufactured by Steel Factory by using iron and wood. Used in the production of arrows in the Arrow Factory.


Produced by the Arrow Factory by using steel and tree trunks (aka arrow shafts). Functions as ammunition for Arrow Tower.


Produced by Cannon Ball Factory by using iron. Functions as ammunition for Cannon.