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Hello everyone, my name is Uncycler. I'm not associated with unicycles in any way, nor did I misspell my name. I came from Uncyclopedia.

Most of the time, I play regular mode. Sometimes I also play easy mode and try to reach 2021 days.

Basic strategy[]

Upgrade quickly[]

It is important to upgrade your base as quickly as possible. Immediately after upgrading your base, you should place all crystal miners you can place, and max them all out. This means to upgrade them to your base level. The shortcut of this: Click on one crystal miner, then press the keys Shift + Alt + N. Doing this maximizes the crystal income. After you have done this, wait for enough crystals to come. When you get enough crystals, upgrade your base again.

Do not spend too much crystals on other stuff. This is very important. On the first few days, you don't need weapons at all. Make use of those easy days and spend all your money on base upgrading and crystal mines. You might need a couple of arrow towers to defeat the boss on Wave 10. On Wave 13, zombies start to get stronger. You need to prepare in the day by surrounding your base with walls and building arrow and lightning towers.

If you are struggling with easy or regular mode before Day 500, check if your base level is too low using the table. If you find that your base level is indeed too low, then restart the game.

Day Level (regular) Level (easy) Level (hard)
1 1 1 1
10 4 5 5 after killing the boss
20 7 9 7 after killing the boss
35 10 12 8, nearly 9
100 14 17 13
200 18 21
400 20 23
600 22 25

Connect everything[]

Transporters are chainable. It is best to use transporters to connect everything you have built. However, redundant transporters are no good. Too many transporters can cause lag in the later game.

When to conquer the whole map[]

To conquer the whole map, there are two requirements.

  • Base level ≥ 18;
  • Unlocked warp (instantaneous transportation) skill on the skill tree.

When you conquer the whole map, build double walls on the boundary. At least you can notice it when zombies break the outer layer and you won't die immediately.

Advanced strategy[]


Lightning can deal damage to a crowd of zombies. Cannons can do this too, when the zombies are on the same spot. A study shows that, ignoring the cost of their ammo, lightning is only more cost-efficient than cannons if it spreads to more than two spots in each hit.

Hard mode[]

My personal record in hard mode is day 74. My base is level 11.

I use no cannons and arrow towers, even before my base upgrades to level 6. So the days 1 to 15 are played like impossible mode with walls as the only kind of defense. On day 16, one can afford lightning towers after maxing out all crystal mines.

On Day 51, I unlocked the final Factory skill, making factories work 50% faster and produce 75% more resources. I spent most of my skill points on the Factory and Mining branches.

Unlock the "zombies ignore transporters" skill on day 10 morning. It is very important. Next, the Mining speed +12% skill on day 15. Then go for Factory skills. Unlock a few more Mining before day 30 or so. You should have mining speed +36% in the summary. If you have more, then you're overdoing mining. Restart your game.